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Consistent power with a car stereo capacitor

A car stereo capacitor offers clean power. Power is an important factor when planning your car stereo installation. Most people when they think power it has to do with getting the most power out of a setup that falls within

A subwoofer can add the right touch

How a subwoofer can enhance your car stereo A good subwoofer are an efficient way to get the most out of your music when you’re in your car. They get a bad rep for being obnoxious by many. Like anything

Fall in love with remote start

Why you should have remote start on your vehicle There are two types of people in this world. There are those of us that really enjoy driving. It could be the freedom we are afforded by having access to transportation.

Smartphone media control in your car easy.

Why smartphone media control with MultiMediaLink is a good idea Many people recognize the value of having smart device integration in their vehicle. Hands-free control makes driving safer and more convenient. There are many different options for linking your smartphone

Paint Protection Film – Definitely to be.

The many reasons why you should install paint protection film Our vehicles are an extension of us. We use them to travel, to live, to work. We invest time into choosing the right vehicle. We invest money into purchasing it.

Car Stereo Install Tips from Soundwave

Get the most out of your car stereo install For most of us good music is welcome anytime or any place. One place that is ideal for listening to great music is your car. We spend a fair amount of

Behavior prediction for custom auto

How Behavior prediction will expand the custom auto industry Custom car audio has long been a staple in the automotive industry. Like most The general has a relatively narrow view of what custom car audio is. Custom auto accessories is

Integrated In-Dash Head Units

Drive Intuitively with In-Dash Head Units Featuring Apple CarPlay In-dash head units have gotten smarter with Apple CarPlay. Long gone are the days when you shouted at your CD player and it didn’t respond. No more disc skips or separate

Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

What are the Main Differences Between Android Auto and Apple Carplay? Apple vs. Android has been a highly debatable topic. But, now they’re confronted with a new battle and it’s right inside of your dashboard. So, what are the main

Shine bright with custom LED lights.

LED Lights make your ride shine Lighting has always been an easy way to add a unique look to almost anything. Combining audio and visuals can take anything and turn it into an experience. This is why a variety of

Which Car audio amplifier is right for you?

Tips for choosing the right car audio amplifier Car audio amplifiers come in many different forms. The market is flooded with different brands and models that all claim to offer the best sound. Adding an amplifier can be an easy

Get the most out of your car stereo installation.

Tips for better sound out of your car stereo installation Good music is welcome anytime or any place. One place that is ideal for listening to great music is your car. We spend a fair amount of time in our