LG OLED65G7P Review

LG OLED65G7P Review – 65″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

LG OLED Review


Most of the time, people tend to consider the size of the television above all. Simply saying, the larger the size of the television the better it would be. Whether you’re just looking for a display you can use for watching your favorite films, people will always want a bigger-sized television. But of course, choose the kind of television that does not compromise the resolution for the sake of the size. I myself prefer the biggest LCD screen available but only within the budget range. Let’s see what’s the latest OLED 4K TV has to offer.

Product Description

The LG OLED65G7P is a 65-inch 4k Ultra HD Smart OLED TV that beholds a cinematic sight for everyone. It features a large working area compared to previous models and of course, it’s free from any scaling issues anymore. Hence, you can enjoy the low input lag and high level of color accuracy. However, it’s not the cheapest television you can find on the market, but the following features justify the cost and make it a reasonable price.

LG OLED65G7P Review


One of the highlights of this television is the intense color of perfect black. Watching movies late in the evening is made perfect by the colors that scream out against the night sky. The LG OLED 4K 65 pixels provide you the real infinite contrast we’ve been all waiting for. It can dim or brighten and even power off completely to give you a wide range of shades and tones you can choose from without any equal. It also comes with rich billion colors to bring out more accurate and seamless gradations of the shades. The widescreen of the LG OLED 65 enhances a billion colors as described.

Aside from that, it can also provide you with a more accurate and natural image because of the enhanced color mapping of the T.V.. The true color accuracy fuels the image to come to life, and it will also automatically color any color distortion so that you can have a better film-viewing at the comfort of your own home.

The Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos will let you have your own cinema right then and there in your living room because of the active HDR of the Dolby Vision. On the other hand, the Dolby Atmos provides an impressive audio performance, making it feel like you’re watching the movie inside an advanced theater rather than your house. It is regarded as a sound system wherein the sound is generated, and it appears as if it comes from anywhere. You can hear the humming of the crickets from behind. The guns are exploding from above the sky. The villains are laughing wickedly just in front of you. The LG OLED65G7P makes the film that you are watching impressively realistic that provides the best experience you could ever have.


It’s the kind of television that you’d want to install in your modern living room. With the sophisticated glass elegance, the image appears as if it’s floating in the air. It’s perfect for movie lovers who wanted to make the most out of their movie marathons. The Picture-on-Glass design is to be noted. You can easily carry it around despite the size because it’s lightweight, thin, and super flexible. The sleek appearance of the T.V. made possible by the LG OLED 65 panel contributes to the innovative features of the TV that we’re going to discuss later on.


What’s more interesting is that you can access the Dolby through an application. Dolby Access makes your LG OLED65G7P an undefeatable entertainment powerhouse. Hence, you can manage your movie queue anytime and anywhere you want, as long as you have an internet connection. Make the most out of your HDR content with this brilliant T.V. that offers a wide dynamic range. Compared to other 4K televisions, it is the only the LG OLED 4K 65 that can support both the Dolby Vision and Atmos that lets you watch the premium content of your favorite movie at all times. Nothing can make your movie more interesting than the new backward-compatible HLG HDR standard that enhances the makes the images pop out scene by scene.

Aside from that, rest assured that no matter where you are from the location of the T.V., you can get a clear vibrant image. It’s because of the innovative design that makes every viewing spot the best spot, not just for those who are on the center.


Considering the aforementioned design, features, and advantages, I can say that the OLED 4K TV is a good deal if you are not on a tight budget. One of the most modern offers regarding televisions that you can find nowadays, the price is justifiable. The basics are far more improved from the high color accuracy to the innovative menu control of the television. It’s also elegant and classy; it can fit into any T.V. table perfectly. If you want to level up your movie experience, we highly recommend that you replace it with this innovative device and that is no other than the LG OLED65G7P.

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